Currently, almost every parent is worried because of the addiction of small children to smartphones. Today's boys and girls are busy with their smartphones after returning from school or private. It can be seen that they read with their phones most of the time. But we who are from the 90s or earlier generation, after studies and household chores, play football in the field or outside the house in their free time. I used to spend my time playing various sports including cricket. Along with physical exercise, mental development also took place through this.

However, if you look at the addiction of today's children to smartphones, it seems that they have become mentally ill. It is not only they themselves who are responsible for this. In this case, parents have a lot of responsibility. But if you want, you can remove this addiction to your child's smartphone within a few days. Today we will discuss some things through which you can reduce this addiction of your child.

Keeping sports at home
While staying at home, so that children do not get addicted to smartphones, different types of sports should be arranged at home. For example, it is possible to keep boys and girls away from phones through sports such as ludu, carrom, chess etc. In addition to this, you should make your child interested in outdoor sports. However, it must be noted that your child should not go astray due to any bad association.

Refrain from using smartphones in front of children
Avoid using smartphones in front of children as much as possible. Many of us are busy with smartphones in front of children without thinking about this. Many times when our children don't want to eat or read, we hand over the phone to them. After getting used to this, a situation comes when they don't want to eat without the phone. Therefore, it is better to adopt some other method than giving the phone to them.

Encouraging creative work
Because children are young, early childhood education is lifelong learning. What you teach a child, he will learn. It is possible to keep children away from smartphones by encouraging them to do various creative activities. Encourage your child to do activities that he likes or is interested in. Also, by getting them interested in various types of social service activities, their smartphones It is possible to reduce addiction to it.

Give your child time
The best way to reduce your child's smartphone addiction is to give your child time. Time has forced them to hand over the smartphone. However, it should be noted that it exists only as long as it is needed.

Buy children's sports equipment
Buy your child something to play with to reduce smartphone addiction. In this case, a bicycle is the best tool. By riding a bicycle, your child can pass time as well as do physical exercise. If you can make your child interested in these activities, then the addiction to smartphones will definitely decrease.