People's lifestyle is changing. The smartphone industry is also changing to meet that changing demand. Technology is changing every moment. Vivo, a leading global smartphone maker pioneering in smartphone technology, is bringing great and ever new innovations to smartphones in this competitive market keeping in mind the needs of the people. Learn about the important innovations that Vivo has brought to the smartphone industry in the first quarter of this year.

Joint venture with Gimbal Technology and Carl Joyce
Vivo is constantly working to get the best quality pictures on the camera of the smartphone. And that's why Vivo has worked with Carl Joyce, the world's top manufacturer of camera lenses. The Vivo X70 Pro smartphone uses a lens made in coordination with the Jays. It also has Gimbal Stabilization 2.0; Which gives the experience of sparkling ultra HD photography through pixel shift ultra HD imaging technology.

After photography with a smartphone, in many cases the picture becomes blurred or blurred. To avoid this embarrassment, Vivo brings eye autofocus technology through V-20 model. With the help of this technology, it is possible to take a picture of something moving on a smartphone perfectly and brilliantly. Besides, the vibration of the smartphone while taking pictures also has no effect on the picture. This autofocus technology was later used in Vivo V-21E and Vivo Y53S models.

OIS on camera
Even if the hand moves a little while taking the picture, the picture gets damaged, blurred or blurred. The rear camera of the Vivo V20 smartphone uses Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology. Even if you shake hands, you can take still and clear pictures through OIS technology. The quality of the picture will also be right. Later VIS V21 model also used OIS technology in front and rear cameras. Thus, Vivo, the world's leading smartphone maker, has played a role in revolutionizing mobile photography.

Extended RAM
How much work have you been able to do with your phone with little RAM? Want to work with the smartphone? Vivo is providing a hassle-free experience using smartphones continuously. The Vivo V-21 Series and Vivo X60 Pro models have an additional 3GB with 8GB and the Vivo Y53S smartphone has the option to add 8GB as well as an additional 4GB of virtual RAM.

Selfie spotlight
Vivo's V21 smartphone 'Selfie Spotlight' is a great technology. No matter if the light is low or high, there is no need to worry about interesting selfies. Two LED spotlights stimulate professional studio lighting to make the ultra clear selfie a great experience even at night.

Dual-view video
Vivo V21 smartphone can be used for simultaneous video with front and rear cameras through dual-view video technology. This is a great feature smartphone for those who create vlogs or live streaming.

Night photography
Vivo offers a unique experience in smartphone photography with the powerful AI Night Algorithm Extreme Night Vision 2.0, Superb Night Camera 2.0, Selfie Spotlight and AI Night Portrait. Vivo's X60 Pro and V21 models allow you to take ultra stable and professional photos anytime, anywhere. Taking pictures at night or in low light is not a problem for Vivo smartphones.