Motorola will offer selected buyers the opportunity to travel to the Maldives if they buy a Motorola phone this Ramadan. The offer will continue till Eid midnight. Multiple buyers will get this offer of two days three night Maldives tour. In addition to the Maldives trip, there are also one and a half ton air conditioners, butter gift vouchers and cash back offers ranging from BDT 10,000.

The offers are available in five model sets in this month-long Motorola campaign run under the slogan 'Eid Trip, Moto Buy Maldives'.

The models are:

Motorola E7 Power priced at BDT 13,999,

Motorola E40 priced at BDT 15,999,

Motorola G40 Fusion priced at BDT 25,999,

Motorola G60 priced at BDT 28,999.

Motorola Edge 20 Fusion Five-G  = 6/128 GB priced at BDT 36,999 or 8/128 GB priced at BDT 38,999.

To avail this Motorola offer, the buyer must purchase a Motorola smartphone from a Motorola brand shop or any of the nearby showrooms or any of the Gadget & Gear outlets.