Young people have always been interested in Vivo Y series smartphones, a global smartphone maker. Y series offers great camera features, visually pleasing design and long lasting charge.

Vivo is going to bring the new smartphone of Y series to the market this time. Vivo Y15S smartphone will be launched soon. Like the other Vivo smartphones, the Y15S will have a great design. Suitable for young people. Rumor has it that this model has two cameras equipped with artificial intelligence technology.

According to Vivo Bangladesh's Facebook post, the main camera will be 13 megapixels. It will come with a 2 megapixel super macro camera, with which the focus can be found from a distance of 4 cm. Vivo Y15S will be rich in various features including Panorama, Face Beauty, Time-Lapse, Pro Mode. The Vivo Y15S is for tech-savvy youngsters who want to keep up with the latest smartphone technology. With great camera and long time charging facility.

It is known that the selfie camera of Vivo Y15S can take bright pictures even in low light. It will look great with real time fill light effect after taking the camera. Perfect images can be found in any light with this camera. After taking, the warm light will make the picture beautiful by itself. It is accompanied by Bokeh portrait. Using the computational photography technique, the cinematic bokeh effect feature will give new experience in photography on smartphones. Portraits will have a special feature of the subject of the picture from the background.

The battery capacity of Vivo Y15S will be much higher. As a result, you don't have to worry about running out of charge while using your smartphone. Users can watch movies as long as they like, play games without the hassle of running out of charge.

There are rumors that this model will have reverse charging facility. This means that the Vivo Y15S will act as a power bank as well as a smartphone. Other smartphones can also be charged from this.

The Vivo Y15S will feature a side-mounted fingerprint scanner technology. The quality of the display will be great. Side-mounted fingerprint technology allows the phone to be unlocked in the blink of an eye.