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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy Note series has always been the smartphone of most professionals, myself included. I was originally connected and haven't been able to walk since then. With Note devices, you feel like you can do whatever matters. And that's the feeling I got again after holding the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G in my hand. But worth Rs 1 Lakh+ money, is this phone worth it? Read the review forBangla....English
Vivo Y20 ReviewVivo has recently launched a mid-range segment in August 2020. And It's a Y-series(20) smartphone. Before this Y20,Vivo has already launched a lot of Y series phone at a very affordable price such as Y50, Y11, Y90 etc. This time we are going to see what new or special features Vivo has added. With Vivo Y20, Vivo also has launched another model of Y series that is named Y20i. This two phonesBangla....English

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Vivo dominates the Chinese smartphone marketVivo is at the top of China's smartphone market. Vivo has overtaken other brands in the second quarter of the year. This information was recently revealed in a study by Counterpoint Research Market Pulse Report. Vivo has reached over 400 million users in over 50 countries.Vivo has maintained its position by providing affordable phones especially to the young customers to achieve customerBangla....English
Apps on Smartphones are very DangerousDependence on smartphone apps in daily life is constantly increasing. Many people do not know that many apps under the cover of attractive features harm the smartphone. Sometimes malware enters, sometimes the bank account is cleared! So many times cyber experts warn the users. Similarly, French researchers advised Android users to delete eight apps. The apps have been marked as 'extremely dangerous'.GoogleBangla....English